Antique Textiles and Lighting 34 Belvedere, Lansdown Road, Bath BA1 5HR ~ Tel: (44) 01225 310795 ~ Open Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 10am - 4pm or by appointment

Joanna Proops Inside the shop

Antique Textiles and Lighting

Normal opening hours are from 10am to 4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. If you are coming from a long distance please ring in advance to check - these times are not guaranteed. We can also open at other times by advance appointment.

Run by Joanna Proops for many years, Antique Textiles and Lighting is a veritable Aladdin's Cave for anyone who appreciates the fine workmanship associated with all forms of period textiles and lighting.

One of most respected antique shops in Bath, the shop specializes in fine antique textiles and chandeliers.

The shop features period textiles, fans, samplers and associated items from the 17th Century, through to the early 20th. A vast range of fine textiles and antique lace for any collector, interior designer or home-maker. Also one of the largest collections of period paisley shawls outside London, together with quilts (including a big collection of 'crazy' quilts), fine tapestries and a comprehensive array of beaded bags and other beadwork items.

Period lighting from a wide selection of wall lights, standard lights and small to large chandeliers form a backcloth to the shop. The shop also features a variety of antique table lamps, lampshades and candle-holders.

All the items on sale are original antiques, the shop does not sell reproductions at all.

On most days you will receive the friendly knowledgeable attention the owner herself, who was presented with the prestigious BACA for the Best Antique Shop in the British Isles for her depth of knowledge and comprehensive stock. Add in easy parking (unlike most of Bath) and your visit will add up to a memorable shopping experience.

Just In

We have a wonderful huntsman's coat in excellant condition, with superb quality stitching and brass buttons. Find out more...

Also we have a new delivery of large French and Italian chandeliers. Find out more...

In Stock

The huge range of items we have in stock includes hats, wedding veils, doll's clothes, chinese embroideries, wall lights, candle holders, standard lights, paisley shawls, cushions, embroideries for cushions, eighteenth century silk, waistcoats, samplers, woolwork pictures, paisley, lace, fans, beaded bags, ribbons, embroideries from 16th century onwards, trimmings, toiles, patchwork quilts, crazy quilts, Durham quilts, silk patchwork, tapestries, christening robes, eighteenth century silks, net curtains, french pillowcases, table covers, curtains, lampshades, table lamps, small and large chandeliers...